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Oscar Charles 103 Angled Blush Makeup Brush

The Oscar Charles 103 Angled Blush Makeup Brush is the perfect accessory to apply your blusher, it gives your face the illusion of a natural lift, providing a younger and fresher appearance. Latex-free, environmentally friendly and hypoalle...

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Oscar Charles Beauty Blender Pink

The Oscar Charles Beauty Blender has a teardrop shape with the added feature of a flat surface for applying around your nose Can be used either wet or dry. A beautifully soft Makeup Sponge for contouring and blending to produce a f...

Super Soft Powder Makeup Brush

Oscar Charles 101 Super Soft Powder Makeup Brush, vegan-friendly makeup tool for perfect powder application. Developed to achieve silky smooth application of loose and pressed powder. The Oscar Charles 101 will produce perfect resul...

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