Free Classified Ads

  Account Setup
After filling in the registration form, we will send a confirmation letter to the e-mail address you provided. Please enter a valid email address and confirm that your mailing address has not been previously used on Adposter site. Your password should contain at least five characters and include uppercase and lowercase letters as well as numbers. In your account you will be able to use My adverts, Premium Packet and Website Links.
  Advertisement profile
To place an ad in, please login or register to the site by clicking Login or Register on the top of the page. You can also do this filling an ad profile; click on "Existing User" or "New User" and follow further instructions. When filling ad profile, first select the type of action and the desired category as well as other mandatory and optional fields because the more information you fill out, the faster you reach potential customers/clients.

   Manage your ads
In order to change or update advertisement data, click the option “Edit”.
Along each ad there will be indicated:
- Advertisement’s expiry date.
- Number of times your ad has been displayed.
- Number of times your ad has been viewed.
Advertisements with a label (N) are new and the mark remains for 24 hours.
Regarding your ads, you can:
“Activate” – the ad will be displayed on the site’s pages.
“Inactivate” – the ad will not be displayed on the site’s pages.
If you have already found a client for your offered item/service and want to remove the ad from your site, please click “Delete”.
You can also upload a video file along your ad by copying (Ctr+c) and  pasting (Ctl+v) a YouTube link to your advertisement. However, firstly you need to upload your video footage to How to upload a file to YouTube? (
In your ad profile you can use free or paid services in order to draw more attention to your ad.
  Free services
It’s an ideal way to quickly find a buyer for your offered item or service. Take advantage of the excellent free “Quick” or “Cheap” services.
“Quick” or “Cheap” services will help you to quickly and easily find a buyer or seller. Users are often searching to quickly or cheaply acquire a product or service they are looking for, thus they will quickly notice your ad. All you have to do is just tick one box from the given “Quick” or “Cheap” options. Attention, you can only use one service!
  Paid services
Payments for premium ads or other paid services such as “Premium packages”, “Premium Ads”, “Recommended Links” is an excellent and simple way to present your advertisement or promotion and make it visible to thousands of people. Follow the instructions step by step and fill in all the details and information, and you will be given a payment option in the final step.
- Recommended “Featured” Ads: Advertisement is always on top of all the ads and Home pages. By selecting this option as well as selecting the number of days and at the end of completing the ad form you will be redirected to the payment process.
- Highlighted Ads: Your ad is highly visible. Highlighted ads are many times more visible and have greater number of views than ordinary ads. By selecting this option and selecting the number of days and at the end of completing the ad form you will be redirected to the payment process.
- Premium Packages: Premium package plans offer lower prices, including automatic daily as well as additional ad upgrade to “Featured”. Automatic daily updates and upgrades of ads will ease your administration of ads. Please order a Premium Package Plan and you will be able to publish an unlimited number of ads. If you had other ads before purchasing Premium package, they will not be included in the plan. To assign them to the plan, it is necessary to remove them from your account (My ads) and then create again when the desired premium package is already bought. Which advertisement has the premium package plan, and which ad is without a plan can be seen by pressing the Edit option and it will be visible in Paid features.
- Advertisements without pictures are not allowed to use the options of “Featured”, Highlighted ads and Premium package plans. Please upload images in the ads.
-“Website links”; Your business has a website and you want to attract more traffic of potential customers to your site, please choose the desired plan (Create Shortcut) and fill in forms fields according to the instructions. After the payment your website link and the description will be highly visible to thousands of customers and will favour more clicks. Your link will be displayed in the ad according to the chosen category. You can edit or delete information or pause the display on the site by performing this within your account at “Website Links”. Validity is also featured here.
  Advertising on the website
In Adposter website you can advertise your banners. The banner will be visible in joint ad pages according to a certain category, and in the ad’s page. This is a great and effective way to make your business to be known for our users.
For more information on banner advertising on the site, click “Contact Us”.