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  Security Types
When buying or selling, precautions are ought to be taken. Online ads are a great way to find potential buyers or sellers but there is a risk because the consequences of a transaction are unknown.
  Safety tips for a seller

  Creating a safe ad

Creating a safe ad and storing it on the site requires some precautions. Do not post any information that personally identifies you or your loved ones if it is not necessary as such information can be used for other unexpected purposes.
Remember that your published information is at your own risk due to the possible consequences.
Do not mention your exact residential address, email address and other personal information in your ad. We recommend using a disposable phone number for contact with customers.
Create a one-time email address for the ad and use it without stating your real name.
Try to avoid including your house or flat number in the background of the photos in the ad. In other words, try to include only the sold item in the photos.
For your own safety, meet with potential buyers only in public places during the day or in well-lit areas and nearby CCTV.
Carry a mobile phone during the transaction and bring a friend along.
If a buyer comes to your home, we suggest grabbing valuables out of sight or bringing the sold items to the porch, garage or pantry.
Do not give away items if the full agreed amount is not paid or a partial payment is done.
If you are selling a valuable item, try to involve your friend in the transaction.
If selling a valuable item, use the services of the bank by going into the bank and then following the transaction settlement.
If you are selling via a bank transfer, contact your bank prior to sending the item to the buyer and check whether the order is fully carried out.
  Safety tips for a buyer
Before buying, make sure that the product meets your expectations; it is intact or not fake, it really belongs to the seller, there is no violation of copyright.
Never pay in advance for goods.
Be cautious if the product is cheaper than normal.
Avoid using any money transfer service.
Meet the seller in person during the day or in well-lit areas and nearby CCTV.
Abort the deal if you notice suspicious actions of the seller i.e. he is rushing, making pressure or performing any other suspicious activity.
  Vehicle buying tips
Before buying a vehicle, check its history.
Try to screen the vehicle by an experienced auto mechanic during the transaction.
Make sure that the vehicle is not purchased by a hire purchase agreement.
Avoid vehicles brought from abroad or foreign online car sales projects.