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Terms and Conditions

According to the Terms of Use laid down in the website, ads, information, advertising texts, videos hosting website Adposter review terms as well as consumer rights, duties and responsibilities. The rules are binding on all users of the portal.
Users express their agreement with the Terms of the website and oblige to comply with them by checking the “I‘ve read the Terms” box. Individuals who do not agree with at least one of the conditions in the Terms are not entitled to use this site. also reserves the right to change, modify its services or terminate their provision due to any reason without alerting the user.
Ad content, form, Terms of placement and overall conduct in the site
Advertisements, informative, promotional texts, video footage must be placed only on their respective designated site categories.
In Adposter database a person can store only one ad, video footage, informational, promotional text, web site link concerning each sold item or service according to the site category and actions allowed to be carried out there.
Adposter users are prohibited to provide false information in ads, informational texts or video footage.
User who posted the ad must truly have the offered item/service. Items/services which have already been sold or which the User does not have the right to dispose must not be offered. It is also forbidden to offer an item which does not belong to the User and he does not have the right to dispose of it.
By placing an ad, video footage, informational, promotional text the author takes full responsibility for its contents in compliance with the Terms of Use.
By placing an ad, its author confirms that he has the right to use the photographs and the use does not violate any third party rights.
By placing an ad its author takes full responsibility for its compliance with the Terms of Use.
An advertisement, video footage, informational, promotional text by their content, form, and visual composition deemed meaning cannot be in conflict with generally accepted ethical and moral standards and/or the applicable United Kingdom legal acts, and cannot incite hatred or discrimination on any grounds.
It is forbidden to use the website Adposter for illegal or improper purposes, including but not limiting to any content presentation, publication, transmission and / or storage in the website which would violate any intellectual property rights (copyright, trademark, design), would be offensive, defamatory, discriminatory against any person or otherwise violate any person’s right to image, name, privacy (phone numbers, addresses, personal identification number) or the honour and dignity; threaten the safety of the website or its database (programs or documents with viruses); violate any legal acts.
The ad can be illustrated with photographs which must depict the proposed item. It is prohibited to replace the photographs of the proposed object with some graphics/ letters/digits (such as logos, handwritten notes, phone numbers, names) or photographs in combination with graphics/letters/numerals or change the photographs in such a way. It is also prohibited to portray persons in the photographs.
It is forbidden to upload pornographic images/images and such pictures/images that visualise genitals. By placing photographs in the ad the user confirms that he has the right to use the photographs, and this does not violate any third party rights.
Adposter has the right to reject advertisements, informational, promotional texts, video footage, or delete them from the website database with or without notice if they contain photographs or video footage which does not conform to the provisions of the website’s Terms or the legal acts of United Kingdom.
Adposter user agrees that if portal administrators think or if it is evident from the advertisement, informative text or video footage that the given information is misleading or is in conflict with the accepted ethical and legal norms, has the right to remove the ad, video footage , informational or promotional text from the site Database.
Users agree that is not users’ representative, agent or operator, and therefore is not responsible for any damage caused by using the website system.
Adposter users participating in public chats, comments, or providing information about the sold item, the proposed service, or any other offer, must comply with all the moral rules (do not use swear words, words, phrases that could offend other people).
Advertisement of other online advertising websites on the site is prohibited. Advertisements will be deleted without prior warning, the money, if paid for any advertising, will not be returned.
Registered visitor agrees that his data will be used for indirect purposes i.e. visitor needs analysis and identification purposes, direct marketing, service quality improvement purposes, site performance improvement purposes and other legitimate purposes. provides only technical means’ of information (ads, video ads, and other informative, advertising texts) storage on the website.  
Adposter is not a representative of any individuals, not an interested party or a mediator.
Adposter is only responsible for the technical placement in the portal database information contained in the notice, or any other information in the text if only the advertisement or other informative text complies with Term requirements. Also, the website is not responsible for information’s provided in the advertisement or other informative text conformity to reality. does not guarantee that ads will be deleted from the site’s database on the date specified by the user.
Adposter is not responsible for any losses that may arise due to the use of information found by other in advertisements or other texts. reserves the right to record users’ IP addresses. Upon justified complaints about the ad content, we reserve the right to reveal the publication of the author's IP address to interested state authorities.
The User acknowledges and agrees that in his advertisement or other informational text He submits his personal or other information to be placed on the website on a voluntary basis, in order that the data would be put on the Website, Visitors and portal administrators would have free access to such data, view and copy it, and that His provided data would be stored and processed electronically in the Website’s database.
The website is managed and administered by Ltd. “Depori”, CC 302488327, registration address Gyneju St. 14, Vilnius, Lithuania. also reserves the right to change, modify its services or terminate their provision for any reason without alerting the user.
We guarantee that the information from the Website’s database for promotional purposes will not be transferred to other organizations as well as third parties.